Final product: MAP

The final product ´MAP´ is one of three final results of MAPPING.

MAP has come as a web app, including multimedia-illustrated cases:

Quality MAP

MAP is targeted to be a guideline for the design and quality assurance of work with individual study plans.

The users are able to adapt the cases and methods to practice at their own VET colleges.

There is practical as well as theoretical inspiration for teaching with a student-centered approach and working with individual study plans.

MAP interacts with the Quality grid, a self-screening tool on the local implementation level of the individualized learning approach.

MAP has been test run during autumn 2014 and spring 2015 in Slovenia and Holland as well as for the purpose of the MAPPING MOOC.

The  following national versions have been developed in local languages  and are implemented in

For further interest, please contact the project lead. Transfer to other countries is possible.