Individual study plans in Danish practice

Teachers´ roles and identities have changed. It is no longer sufficient just to present and represent a subject or trade. Now, to a much higher degree, it is necessary to teach with a learner-centered approach, thus having focus on the individual, his/her needs and strengths and appropriate social interaction with other students and employees.

It is time to review experiences of the last 14 years with individual study plans. Not to reverse the development, but to conclude on former initiatives and to proactively point at new perspectives.

Implementation of Individual study plans

So far, Danish VET schools and teachers have implemented a wide range of methods to design education and to perform daily pedagogical tasks.

Formerly, VET teachers entered VET schools directly from the trades, with parallel upgrade in a pedagogical part-time further education. Since 2011, the Danish VET teacher education has been lifted to a mandatory bachelor level, and enhancement of teachers´ competencies is taking place on a broader level.

In Denmark, it is characteristic that teachers have “freedom of methods”, including the choice of didactic model for creating individual study plans, but more and more colleges choose local models for common practice.

During MAPPING, Denmark will receive a – necessary – review on practice with individual study plans and as far as possible, integrate new models and methods, developed within the framework of MAPPING.