Danish targets in MAPPING

The Danish partners Moeve and Mercantec have prioritized and designed their activities in the local context, addressing:

  • the need for quality improvement of Danish vocational education and training
  • the need for an improved methodology at Mercantec and other vocational colleges in Denmark
  • the need for increased sharing and transfer of knowledge between Mercantec´s departments

Danish targets in practice

To address the above mentioned issues, the Danish partners worked on

A) developing methods for teachers´ co-production in creating individual study plans

  1.  Definition of co-production
  2. Improving the structure of team meetings regarding their students´ study plans
  3. Development of new supportive tool ´Annual wheel´
  4. Trial runs of new meeting procedures & local implementation

B) Interaction with major quality initiatives in Denmark:

  • Nordic project on work place learning – “Arbejdspladslæring”, 2013-2015
  • Improved reading & writing in VET – “Bedre faglig læsning & skrivning” (with initial screening tool for VET students), 2013-2014
  • Improved transition from secondary school to VET, with VET as receiver of young students – “Unge på tværs”, 2013-2014
  • Local methods for retention of students – Mercantec´s pedagogical pyramid and Mercantec´s projects about retention

C) Local and nationwide implementation of MAP

Transfer of the basic principles in MAP and more specific elements to relevant Danish and Scandinavian target groups: Teachers, managers and decision makers

D) Local change management

Within the framework of MAP, adaptation of several tools to promote change management at Mercantec:

  • Quality Grid
  • Annual wheel