Wales – Learning coaches & personalized learning projects

Teacher training with a multi-focus

Colleg Cambria has worked on several tracks according to MAPPING´s quality criteria for individualized learning. The college has promoted:

  • Download syllabus with learning outcomes

    Teacher training for learning coaches: Each teacher chose his/her own preference for trial runs of facilitating a personalized learning approach. As an outcome, each of the teachers published a poster with her/his methodology, test runs, evaluations and conclusions. The new learner-centered methods benefitted from applying technologies such as Google learning environment, video, audio etc. Read more and download syllabus with learning outcomes.

  • New ways to facilitate student led projects were invented, with great impact on student retention and performance. The management has initiated knowledge sharing among teachers about these projects. Read more.
  • The personalized learning approach is supported by new tools at Colleg Cambria. Promonitor – a tool for tracking learning – is now implemented and available as an app. See video about Promonitor in automotive education.