The Netherlands – Supporting vulnerable youth individually

Looking at different educational systems through the observation grid has given a clear view of quality indicators and the impact on the Dutch system. Various dissemination activities of MAPPING have resulted in a great number of followers within and outside ROC West-Brabant.

ROC West-Brabant´s department Florijn college participates actively in MAPPING. The Florijn college is a business college with educational programs in retail and business administration. Teacher development has been a high priority for years, as well as implementing individual study plans.


The teacher training unit has developed three different modules, corresponding to relevant teachers´ skills for working with individualized learning processes:

  1. Individual coaching (in Dutch)
  2. Lifelong learning (in Dutch)
  3. Feedback methods (in Dutch)

The didactic design and structure of the training program is as follows:

Download structure of the Dutch teacher training program (2014/2015).

A more detailed version is available in Dutch and/or on request from the college / MAPPING´s Dutch project management.

The modules have each their own specific learning goals, and each teacher develops his/her skills in a specific subject.

After completing the training  module, each teacher brings the new knowledge into his/her team and is able to advise the team on how to implement this knowledge and improve their educational programs.

The training program is also used to professionalize ways of designing educational programs. The trainers have developed the training according to the IDI model (model for instructional design).

Trial runs, evaluations and perspectives

The training program has been trial run in October 2014, December 2014 and February 2015 with 25 teachers. The platform Itslearning was used to support  this process.

Feedback from the teachers was very positive, and both personal engagement and ownership were achieved among the teachers. Naturally, there is still is hesitation among some of the teachers, as the individualized  learning approach means a redirection of designing and organizing teaching. A continuous change management process will accompany further development in this area.

Sustainable implementation of the teacher training is now ensured by the management and will be extended to other departments from ROC  West-Brabant.