Teacher training units

The second core result – a teacher training unit

It was planned that the MAPPING´s project partners would produce a teacher training unit, based on the project´s guideline for individualized learning MAP. This unit should have been test run in England, Slovenia and Holland, while Denmark and Finland would adapt and valorize elements that are not yet practiced in these countries.

As local development of the teacher training unit took place in each of the partner countries, it became clear that the partners had diferent focuses, each from their own perspectives. Analyses of local conditions and needs in each country made aided their choice of which criteria from MAP to work with in practice.

From one teacher training unit to several units

Thus several units have been developed and test run during autumn and winter 2014/15. One of them most outstanding in an international context – a massive open online course MOOC.

A transnational MOOC on individualized learning was co-developed by Finnish HAMK and Welsh partner Colleg Cambria. The MOOC was implemented in international context and test run in April 2015. The MOOC is the first transnational collaborative online course for VET teachers.

The Dutch partner ROC Brabant developed 3 modules for teachers´ support of vulnerable youth with individual needs. The modules were test run from October 2014 to March  2015, with very positive feedback. Personal engagement and ownership among the teachers were achieved. The implementation is ensured by the management.

The Welsh partner Colleg Cambria developed several modules for training of their VET teachers and learning coaches. Test runs from December 2014 to January 2015, with presentation of the results in May 2015 at the annual Innovation Conference. During the entire process, the college´s new learner app containing the students´ specific learning goals was applied. Evaluation results showed full retention of students and high learner performance. Implementation is ensured based on the positive effects.

Slovenia chose to implement the practice of an individual approach through “student interviews” for first year students at VET colleges. The method was co-developed at two colleges together with the national institute CPI. The method was test run in summer and autumn 2014 with all first year class teachers. The interviews achieved not only positive feedback from the teachers, but also from the students. Dissemination to other colleges and teacher training is initiated through peer learning among the colleges.

Danish VET college Mercantec took a different approach, recognizing that especially their field of local quality management had to be approved. A digital “annual year wheel” was developed to support new effective meeting structures. During weekly meetings, the teachers monitor these students´ progress and update their individual study plans. These local methods correlate with individual student data from the national platform Elevplan. After positive test runs during autumn 2014 and spring 2015, the method will be disseminated to other colleges in Denmark, after having undertaken final technical adjustments.