MAPPING shortlisted for Project Zero

23rd Sept. 15: MAPPING was nominated and is now shortlisted as one of the innovative practices, supporting a world with zero barriers. Worldwide, the Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities. The focus of 2015-2016 is twofold, namely Inclusive Education and/or ICT.

In this context, MAPPING has been nominated for the individualized learning approach.

The pedagogical approach with its appreciative and resource-oriented focus naturally also supports students with special needs. The term “special needs” covers a variety of needs, such as difficulties in reading, writing and/or mathematics, physical disabilities, mental diagnoses, socially or personally vulnerable backgrounds and needs regarding immigration.

In this light, MAPPING offers concrete and operational methods to facilitate unfolding the potentials of all students and helping them to reach their goals to the highest possible degree.

MAPPING´s ICT-based tools, logistics and learning environments play a crucial role in supporting VET teachers and managers in this ambitious task.